Service Teams are a great way to contribute to the life and ministry of Christ City Church. Without passionate, gifted team members, Christ City will not be able to function.

At Christ City, our desire is to help you recognize the gifts that God has blessed you with (ie 1 Corinthians 12:1-31), and give you the opportunity to use your gifts to glorify God and edify the church.

If you are considering joining us, would you also consider how you might use your gifts in this new community.

Team Details:

  • Café

    This team serves the church community by making coffee available to everyone during each Sunday gathering. As a Café team member, you set-up the coffee station, organize and re-stock café supplies when needed, and prepare the bread, juice and wine for communion.

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  • Communion

    This team serves the church community by serving the elements of communion to the body of Christ City.

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  • Connect

    This team helps people get connected to the life and ministry of Christ City Church. As a Connect team member, you welcome newcomers to the church, sharing the mission and vision of the church and helping people get connected to the community by providing information about community groups, service teams and other events happening in the life of the church. You serve as a main point of connection for those who are new to Christ City Church.

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  • Host

    This team welcomes everyone coming into Christ City Church with authentic passion and enthusiasm. As a member of the Host team, you shake hands with everyone who walks into the building on Sunday gatherings and you answer any questions they have about the church and you help direct them to specific areas as needed (Kids Ministry, Connect Table, washrooms, etc.) You help create a lasting first impression to everyone who enters the church.

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  • Kids

    This team serves the kids in the church community, including babies, toddlers, and kids. As a member of the Christ City Kids team, you teach kids about Jesus and the gospel message and provide parents with a break by taking care of their kids during Sunday gatherings.

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  • Prayer

    This team serves the church community by being available to pray with and for people at the cross during communion and after the gathering.

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  • Reading

    This team serves the church by reading the scripture passage for the sermon.

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  • Set Up

    This team serves the church community by setting up for the Sunday Gatherings.  As a member of the Set Up team, you get up early and join a group of peers who set up to prepare for the gathering.

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  • Sound Tech

    This team runs all of the audio equipment for Sunday gatherings. As an Audio Tech, your role is to work cooperatively with the Worship Team so that the music plays smoothly, to record the sermon and to ensure that all of the audio-related transitions in the gathering are handled seamlessly. You are an integral part of ensuring that Sunday gatherings run smoothly.

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  • Tear Down

    This team serves the church by staying late to pack it up and pack it in. As a member of the Tear Down team, you will help organize the equipment and put in storage.

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  • Usher

    This team welcomes people and helps everyone find a seat on Sunday gatherings. As a member of the Usher team, you help the gathering run efficiently by maximizing seating space and asking people to move closer together as necessary.

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  • Video Tech

    This team runs the software that presents the visuals on the big screen on Sunday gatherings. As the Video Tech, you help set-up and tear down the audiovisual equipment for Sunday gatherings and you manage the presentation of the worship, announcement and sermon slides. You are an integral part of ensuring that people are presented with the slides that help them follow along with the Sunday gatherings.

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  • Worship

    The band uses their musical talents to lead the church into worship to God through singing. Auditions for joining the band are held throughout the year.

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If you would like to ask any further questions about serving, stop by the Connect Table on Sunday or email

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find the right team and opportunity to serve God at Christ City Church!