We gather together every week for worship, word and sacrament.

Gathering Times: 8:45, 10:15 and 11:45 A.M.

We encourage you to come in person, however, our sermons are available online.


  • What does a typical gathering look like?

    When you arrive, there will be fresh coffee available in the lobby. Arrive a few minutes early so you can grab a coffee, say hi to someone, find a seat and get comfortable.

    If you have children aged 0-10 you can head to our Kid’s Ministry and Nursery area where our Kid’s Ministry Team can help you with check-in. Kids are dismissed just before the sermon, so bring the whole family into the main gathering room for the start of the gathering.

    A typical gathering will be 70 minutes long, including songs led by a band, prayer, scripture reading, a sermon, and communion. Sermons are typically 30-40 minutes.

    There is also a Nursing Mothers room if you need to nurse during the gathering.

    In all these things, non-believers and observers are most welcome, and no one is asked to do or say anything they are not comfortable with. Just enjoy the music and glean some wisdom from the Bible.

    We have a Connect Desk at the back of the Main Gathering Room and friendly volunteers ready to answer any questions you might have.

  • Do you have anything for kids?

    Yes. We have a large, vibrant Kid’s Ministry run by excellent staff and volunteers.

    Our Sunday Kids groups are:

    • Nursery – (Ages 0-2 years old)
    • Preschool – (Ages 3-5 years old)
    • Elementary – (Ages 5-10 years old)

    For more info about our Kid’s Ministry, go to our Kid’s Ministry Page

  • What is the preaching like?

    We preach from the Bible in a way that is sometimes called expositional. Expositional preaching seeks to understand and explain what the Bible says and how God is speaking to us through it. As such, we typically preach systematically through entire books of the Bible, verse by verse. Occasionally we will address specific topics or have short topical sermon series, but even in these instances, we are grounding our preaching in a text of Scripture.

    Our preaching hopes to speak the timeless truths of God’s Word in a timely way to our congregation in 21st Century Vancouver. For examples of our sermons, check out our YouTube channel.

  • What is the worship music like?

    Our worship music combines contemporary worship music and traditional hymns into a thoughtful liturgy that gives focus to the worship gathering.

    Jesus is the focus of our worship, so while there is a band, they are not the focus. They are simply leading us in giving worship and praise to Jesus for who he is and what he has done for us.

  • What should I wear?

    Whatever you’re comfortable with. There are no requirements to dress a certain way to join our gathering.

  • If I’m not a Christian, can I still attend?

    Of course! Whatever you believe, whoever you are, you are welcome to join us on a Sunday. If you do join us and have further questions about what we believe and why we do what we do, feel free to email us at info@christictychurch.ca. We’d love to answer any of your questions.

  • Can I invite a friend?

    Yes! In fact, we’d encourage it. Our gatherings are designed to be accessible and invitational for people with differing church backgrounds or no church experience.

  • Is it ok if I’m late?

    No problem. If you arrive late, for whatever reason, you can always come and join the gathering. We do however always start on time, and so we encourage coming a few minutes early so you don’t miss anything.