Article by Kirsty Provan

She was ostracized, name-called, shamed. Almost 2000 years later, she still is.

She was afraid, but she chose courage and Joseph chose trust, and together they traveled 90 miles to the census in Bethlehem with nothing but a donkey and faith. A 4-7 day trip at almost 40 weeks.

Perhaps when there was no room, Joseph helped her to the stable. Perhaps he tore cloths and fetched water and offered whispers of encouragement between her moans. Perhaps she was completely alone, as was customary.

Did she remove her sandals? Did she know she stood on Holy Ground? Did her sweat fall like great drops of blood on soiled floor? Did she whisper the words later spoken by her son in the Garden of Gethsemane? Did she know that she was labouring a man who would labour in the world? That he would be ostracized and name-called and shamed? That he would turn from stability and security and materialism and offer love and grace and selflessness? That she would kiss his bloody feet tonight and 33 years from now as he hung from a cross above her? That she would bathe him and wrap him in swaddling cloths and anoint him with Myrrh as she prayed to a God whom she trusted with every ounce of her Mother Heart?

“If this cup cannot pass by, but I must drink it, Your will be done.”

One dark night in a cold stable, an ordinary woman fiercely and bravely lionesses her son into a world that offers them no room. Fear and courage and pain and anticipation and holiness all blended together in the most unlikely of places.

And then a cry. A baby cries. Her baby cries. And so awakens a deadened world.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily held by everyone at Christ City Church.