Nov 18

Meet our Worship Director: Alvin Jeremiah


Alvin is new to our team at Christ City Kitsilano as our Worship Director, and we are so blessed to have him! We sat down with him this week to ask a couple of questions as he gets settled into life at Christ City.


Gareth: Alvin, so good to have you. It’s been a real blessing already to have you on the team and we are so excited to continue getting to know you and your family more.

We have a few questions for you, so let’s start with an easy one. What do you miss most about Jakarta?

Alvin: For me it’s obviously the food. Not only is the food so fabulous in Jakarta but also the environment is so different. When you eat local food in Jakarta you end up meeting a lot of people because everyone just sits together with you and is eating the same stuff together. And so when you have conversations with people it’s a chance to hear stories from a lot of people, which is just so interesting.

Gareth: I know you’ve already got Brandt into some hot sauce and some spices he’s been putting on his lunch. Maybe you will have all of us eating food from Jakarta very soon!

OK, a more serious one. Why did you take on the role at Christ city as a Worship Director?

Alvin: Very good question. I think I believe that I’m called to serve the city of Vancouver and, more particularly, in the Worship Director role because God has gifted me with the musical skills and in musical areas to help the church to reach people.

Gareth: You’ve already blessed us so much in a couple of months you’ve been here. It has been a joy to worship with you and to be led in worship by you.

What is the most exciting thing for you about being here at Christ City?

Alvin: I think the most exciting thing about Christ City is that we are so passionate about the gospel and how we can really share the gospel to the city. That really encourages me, and also helps me focus especially to fulfil my calling us God’s servant to really reach out to city and proclaim to gospel.

Gareth: Now, you don’t work seven days a week so I’m sure you have a past time or some hobbies. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Alvin: Recently I have picked up a hobby, which is that I cook and I bake. So I try a lot of stuff but recently I’ve managed to hone my skill of making egg noodles from scratch!

Gareth: Delicious! We’re going to move to a quick-fire round and I just want you to answer with the first thing that comes to your mind, Alvin.

First question. What’s your favourite cheese?

Alvin: Cheddar.

Gareth: What is the best book you’ve read in the last five years?

Alvin: The Bible.

Gareth: That’s a cheat answer, best book, outside of Scripture, you have read in the last five years!?

Alvin: I think John Barkley’s Paul and the Gift is very good.

Gareth: Are you a night owl or an early bird?

Alvin: I’m a night owl, but now serving in Christ City Kitsilano has made me an early bird! It’s the  Tuesday morning prayer!

Gareth: Describe yourself in three words?

Alvin: Music. Language. Technology.

Gareth: Well done in the quick-fire round. Last two questions for you.

What is your hope for worship at Christ City?

Alvin: I just hope that worship will not only be vibrant, but that worship would be very very encouraging. A place where we experience the ministry of the Holy Spirit encouraging our hearts to to reach out to people in the city of Vancouver. And also our worship can be a place where people cry out to God and have their own space to be closer to god. Worship can be a safe place where people can pray and be encouraged by one another. That’s why we worship and gather together at Christ City Kitsilano.

Gareth: Addressing one another in Psalms, and hymns and spiritual songs! Amen.

Last question for you. If you aren’t listening to worship music, what kind of music are you listening to?

Alvin: Mostly all kinds of music, but classical and jazz musical would be my go-to music to listen to.

Gareth: Wonderful. Thank you very much, Alvin. It’s a joy to work with you and it’s a joy to have you at here Christ City. I’m excited for God‘s going to do through you in your ministry!

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily held by everyone at Christ City Church.