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Wanted: A Deacon of Fun 

Reports to

Christ City East Vancouver Elders 


From May 2024 – December 2024 with the option of being extended beyond this term at the discretion of the Elders.  


To see Christ City Church make a lasting, gospel, impact on the Hastings-Sunrise community through a series of events that foster a sense of community amongst the church as well as acting as ‘touchpoints’ for people from outside the community to experience Christ in a fun setting.  


The Deacon of Fun will be tasked with planning 3-4 events at strategic points of the year that accomplish the dual purpose of (1) building community amongst the members and (2) providing opportunities for members of Christ City East Van to invite their neighbours, friends, and family to experience our church community.  

As Elder’s, we’ve identified 2024 as a year of going deeper into the fellowship we have with one another in Christ. Besides the normal avenues of how we seek to accomplish this (Sunday gathering, Community Group, informal gatherings, etc.), we’ve also decided to make intentional, budgeted steps towards growing in this area centered around some strategic events. This includes planning our first ever Churchwide Retreat May 17-19th, and now, through the hopeful appointment of a Deacon of Fun, by allocating significant resources to seeing these events come to fruition. 

Though the title of this role includes the word “fun”, we believe it to be a very serious matter that the people of God celebrate together. That we have opportunities to get to know each other better in relaxed and casual settings. Following Jesus is not intended to be a dour, humourless, and colourless experience. On the contrary, as those saved by Jesus, we believe our ability to celebrate is an integral part of our witness in a world searching for lasting joy that withstands whatever circumstance.  

If you’re curious to learn more about the required qualifications for Deacons and learn more about their role in the church, we’d encourage you to look at our article here

If you’d like to apply to be considered for this role (or think you know of someone who should be considered), email

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