Sep 29

Community Group Discussion Questions


The following questions are meant to guide your discussion as you reflect on the text of Scripture from the previous week’s Sunday sermon:

1) What is the main idea of what Paul is writing?

2) Based on the main idea, how do you think God is calling you to apply this text? What are some concrete ways this application may look in your life?

Examples of possible application:

  • Head and Heart: promise to claim, desire to cultivate, feeling to align with, truth to
  • Hands: Command to obey, example to follow, error to avoid, sin to forsake.

3) Why might you struggle to apply this?

Could this struggle be traced to a/an:

  • idol in your heart,
  • lie you are believing, or
  • truth you are suppressing.

4) How does the gospel help you in your application?

How might the gospel be a:

  • Motivation: We are responding to God’s salvation rather than trying to earn it
  • Means: God empowers us to live the life He calls us to live
  • Model: God models for us the life He calls us to live.