Mar 07

Christ City Kids Spring Break Challenge

Resource by Michelle Siebert

We have an exciting resource for your kids this Spring Break!  We’ve created a page with 8 simple challenges for your kids (and maybe your whole family, too!) that will encourage them to be in God’s Word, think about Him and spread His love.  Examples include reading & memorizing scripture, creating art, loving neighbours, honouring family members, counting blessings, and more!  Kids of all ages can participate and there are two ways your family can decide to do this challenge;  

Independent Kids: If you have kids that love independence, give it to them and have them lead the way.  Ask them questions about their notes, encourage them in their ideas and be ready to jump in if they need you.  Having independent kids sometimes means discipleship looks like setting them up to succeed and encouraging them along the way!   

Families Together: Is your whole family up for the challenge?  What would it look like if you did this challenge with your kids?  Not only will you be walking alongside them in it and leading by example, but, our prayer is that you will be encouraged and challenged by it, too! Take a page for each family member, post them up on the fridge during Spring Break and work through it together.   

We are rooting for you!  And we have prizes!  How-ever you decide to complete this challenge, we are so happy that you have decided to join!  At the end of Spring Break, when your kids or family have completed the challenge, bring back your page(s), along with a few other little things asked for in the challenge, and your kids or family will receive a prize for completing it.   

You can pick up your Spring Break Challenge page at the Christ City Kids check-in kiosks on Sunday through to March 12th and then return your completed challenge page on March 26th to receive a prize. Can’t wait to see and hear about how Christ City Kids and their families rock this challenge!  If you forgot to pick one up, you can download it here. Let us know if you have any questions.

With love, 

the Christ City Kids Team