Brett Landry

Brett Landry | Lead Pastor
Jake LeFave

Jake LeFave | C2C Church Planting Apprentice
Dave Little

Dave Little | Associate Pastor of South Vancouver
Brandt Van Roekel

Brandt Van Roekel | Director of Ministry Development
Joel Sczebel

Joel Sczebel | Director of Worship and Media
Matt Crocker

Matt Crocker | Director of Youth
Michelle Siebert

Michelle Siebert | Director of Kid's Ministry
Tessa Zak

Tessa Zak | Adminstrative Coordinator
Andrea Fast

Andrea Fast | Youth Intern
Heath Meikle

Heath Meikle | C2C Church Planting Apprentice
Brett Landry

Brett Landry | Elder

Paul Fast

Paul Fast | Elder

Brian Ekk

Brian Ekk | Elder

Grant Krahn

Grant Krahn | Elder

Dave Little

Dave Little | Elder

Leslie Lee

Leslie Lee | Elder-in-Training

Jacob LeFave

Jacob LeFave | Elder-In-Training

Our Team

In addition to the listed staff members, we have a strong group of volunteers currently led by ten Service Team Leaders and thirteen pairs of Community Group Leaders. If you're looking for a specific leader, please use the general contact email/number and we'll direct it to the appropriate party.

Christ City Church Office

(604) 322-1867

5887 Prince Edward St
Vancouver, BC V5W 2X8

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