Heath Meikle joined the team back in September as a C2C Church Planting Apprentice. We decided to sit down with him and ask him a few questions, so that we all could learn more about him.

Who are you?

My name is Heath Meikle. I am 45 years old and have been married to my lovely wife, Mariko, for 22 years. We have 2 children, Kiara (20) and Darius (16).

What is your role at Christ City Church?

I am a C2C/Multiply Church Planting Apprentice.

How long have you been following Jesus?

I have known about and been a follower of Jesus most of my life. I don’t have dramatic conversion story, but I have a train-wreck of a sanctification story. I would say that I began to really follow Jesus in my late 20’s.

What does an ideal date night look like?

An ideal date night would be dinner at a nice restaurant after exploring a new city.

Are you a sports fan?

No, I am indifferent to sports.

Favourite music?

I love music. (Except country)  I collect vinyl records, usually of artists well before my time (60-70s rock.)

Aside from the Bible, what’s your favourite book?

Hmmm…. I would have to say for non-fiction, my favourite book is Exclusion and Embrace by Miroslav Volf. If we are talking fiction, probably Lord of the Rings.

Top three movies?

There are too many to list!

  1. V for Vendetta
  2. Starwars episode 4
  3. Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Favourite place you’ve ever traveled to?

My favourite place would have to be Monemvasia, Greece. My other favourite city is Prague.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I would eat pig in any form!

What is your most enduring hobby? 

My most enduring hobby would be cooking.