In September of 2019, by the grace of God, we’ll launch Christ City East Vancouver in the neighbourhood of Hastings-Sunrise. Continuing to trust Jesus with the vision of a network of neighbourhood churches that are small enough to cultivate community but large enough to meet the demands of urban ministry, Christ City East Vancouver will be led by Jake LeFave as their Neighbourhood Pastor and a committed group of people sensing a call to Hastings-Sunrise. As we prepare to plant we’re asking for people to partner with us in a few key ways.

First, would you join with us in praying specifically for this corner of Vancouver. We continue to see the need to plant Jesus-loving, Bible-preaching, radically-hospitable, neighbourhood churches to reach the over 650,000 people who call Vancouver home. Christ City East Vancouver aims to partner with what the Spirit is already doing in Hastings-Sunrise. In addition to praying for logistical needs (gathering space, finances, etc.), we’d ask that you would regularly and faithfully, “strive together with (us) in your prayers to God” (Rom. 15:30) on behalf of the lost in East Vancouver. That God’s Kingdom would come in East Vancouver as it is in heaven.

Second, we’d also have you prayerfully consider whether or not the Lord is calling you to be a part of this community in Hastings-Sunrise. In Acts 13 we read about Paul and Barnabas being set-apart for missionary work by the church in Antioch. We learn that it is when the disciples were “worshipping the Lord and fasting” (Acts 13:2) that they were able to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit setting these two brothers apart. In an Advent season often marked by busyness and over-crowded schedules, we’re asking you to intentionally set apart time to hear whether or not God is asking you to be a part of what the he is doing in Hastings-Sunrise.

Finally, during this Advent season we’ll be launching a Sent and Sending campaign. The commissioning of Acts 13 wasn’t one sided, both groups (those who were sent and those who did the sending) had a role to play. Notice the diligent involvement of those who did the sending in Acts 13:3, “Then after fasting and praying they laid their hands on them and sent them off.” It’s Paul and Barnabas who are going, but the church in Antioch is intimately involved. This is the heart behind our Advent Sent and Sending Campaign. Over four weeks in December we are aiming to raise $100,000 to cover initial launch expenses in the planting of Christ City East Vancouver.

If you would like to give to the Sent and Sending campaign please click here.

Grace and peace,

The Elders of Christ City Church