Many things vie for the right to be the centre of our lives, but we can have one only one centre. We seek to be a people who are centred on the person and work of Jesus. We believe that the events and the promises of the gospel story won’t just change our view of eternity, but we believe that the gospel demands a response from us here and now, and that the right response is a fundamental reordering and re-centring of every area of our lives. By nature, we can only be centred on one thing, and at Christ City Church that “one thing” is Jesus.


First, we are grounded in the Scriptures, because in the Scriptures we see God’s revelation of himself and his redemptive and restorative plan for our whole world. The entire Bible points to Jesus, and any teaching that isn’t grounded biblically just isn’t worth living by.

Second, we are grounded in the history of the church. What we are doing as a new church in South Vancouver isn’t really new at all. We want to take the timeless message of God’s saving grace in Christ, a message that has been proclaimed for nearly 2,000 years, and we want to join those who have gone before us and been found faithful in the eyes of God.
Third, we are grounded in the culture of our city. In Jeremiah 29, God told his people, “Seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.” Because we believe God loves people, and because there are more people per square inch in cities than anywhere else on the planet, we believe that God loves cities. God loves Vancouver, and so do we.


We value gathering together because we realize the gospel is never for individuals, but always for a people. The gospel pulls us out of our radical individualism and independence and into a relationship with a community of people whose identities are wrapped up in Christ. As the New Testament people of God, our identity is found in Jesus, not in our unique independence, our different ethnicities, or our different socio-economic situations.

We are a people who gather corporately to worship, to sit under the teaching of the Scriptures, and to celebrate the sacraments with one another. When we gather in the name of Jesus, we gather to be equipped and empowered to join Jesus on his mission.

We are a Christ-centred community of disciples who live to worship God and love the city—and when we gather together it’s a sharp reminder that we are called to be a counter-cultural body of people whose lives are motivated by the upside-down nature of the Kingdom of God.


As Christians, we are a sent people, realizing that our fundamental identity as the church is to be the people of God, called to God and sent by God, to make the fame and deeds of God known in our day.
We realize that we do not exist for ourselves. We exist to be a people who worship and glorify God in all things. And when we worship God rightly, our changed hearts will drive us to take the message of hope we have to the city around us.

In Matthew 28, Jesus told us to “GO” and make disciples, but he didn’t mean “LEAVE.”

What he meant was, ‘as you go.’ As you go to work, as you go to school, as you go to the gym, as you go to a coffee shop, as go about your ordinary life, ‘go’ with a sense of mission in all things.

We serve a missionary God who came into our world, and who now sends us out, empowered by the Spirit, to continue the work he started, and to create opportunities for people to encounter Jesus.