May 26

Summer at East Van

News by Jake LeFave

Summer can be a strange time for the church in Vancouver. It’s a time when people are away on vacations. It’s a time when people move to the city, sometimes looking for a church. In short, it’s a time of change and flux in Vancouver. In light of this, finding meaningful connection to the church community can be difficult. If you’re new, new-ish, or just desiring to be known in the context of a loving Christ-centered community, below are three avenues for you to pursue over the next few months.

1. Serve

Hand’s down, the best way to feel like you belong, is to get your hands dirty (sometimes literally) and join others on our mission of making missional disciples for the sake of the neighbourhood. Jennie Allen, author of Find Your People: Building Deep Community in a Lonely World, gives this timely word of advice for building community, saying, “Find an imperfect church fast, and start serving in the nursery.” And if nursery is not your thing, we’ve got other options:

  • Youth Day Camp, July 4th – 8th. Join our Youth Director Matt and the team as they disciple youth to follow Christ amidst major cultural and societal turmoil. Give yourself to speaking the gospel into the life of a teen or pre-teen who desperately needs to be reminded of God’s good news for them. To sign-up email
  • Kid’s Day CampJuly 11th – 15th. Join our Kids Director Michelle and her team as we open God’s Word and have A LOT of fun with the kids of Christ City. Like our Youth Camp, this is an amazing opportunity to disciple a young person who needs to hear the gospel of Jesus. To sign-up email
  • Serve with Heath on the Downtown Eastside (DTES). Join a growing group of people committed to serving people from all walks of life on the DTES; proclaiming the gospel in word and deed. To find out more about what this looks like email

2. Eat

The next best thing to get to know people, besides serving together, is eating together. So, beginning Sunday June 26th we’ll be gathering at Clinton Park (2690 Grant St.) after each Sunday gathering for a time of eating together (bring your own food) and playing games. Everyone is invited, and it will be an informal time where you can come and go as you need.

3. Spiritual Disciplines

Ironically, one of the best ways we can pursue Christ-centered community as a church, is by ensuring our own personal spiritual disciplines don’t slide in the summer. Kendra Gerbrandt, our Director of Discipleship, has put together two great guides for memorizing and praying through 1 Peter this summer, beginning June 1st.

An electronic version of the guides can be found on our website, while physical copies can be picked up from the Connect Table on Sunday. Let’s together, as a church, feast on God’s Word this summer as we commit it to memory and pray faithfully through it. For further questions email