Well Worn Pages #01: Exodus 33:12-16

| Jake LeFave

Well Worn Pages is a series of posts giving us a small window into a particular passage of Scripture the author returns to time and time again for encouragement, comfort, or…

Generosity and Your Eyes

| Brett Landry

“The eye is the lamp of the body.” This is a strange little expression. I’ve heard this explained a few times in my life and I have never been super…

Why Does Preaching Matter?

| Brett Landry

While preaching is a term most often used in religious settings, it happens in all areas of our lives. At work, at home, or on television, “preaching” happens whenever someone…

How to Watch Late Night Television

| Jake LeFave

It was like a punch to the gut. My wife and I were just lying down after a long day and, without even thinking about it, I picked up my…

Pray for Your Pastor

| Dave Little

Pray for your pastor? Isn’t that something pastors should be doing themselves—that’s kind of their job, right? Isn’t that more for those “praying types” at church? They don’t really need…


| Joel Sczebel

Have you ever gone to church on Sunday and wondered, “Why do we spend so much time singing?” Maybe you love to sing along to music in the car as…

Jesus, the Centre

| Brett Landry

Jesus seems to think he’s supposed to be the centre of the whole world. He seems to think that his incarnation, life, crucifixion, death, burial, resurrection, and ascension are the…

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