Praying Boldly

| Dr. Darrell W. Johnson

During the past days and weeks, many believers (and many not-yet believers!) have been praying over the alarming, disarming, disorienting, and many folks, frightening phenomenon of the Coronavirus, Covid-19. I…

Peace in Uncertain Times

| Hans Fast

On March 6, 2020 Sophie and I had the joy of welcoming our first child into the world, Nora Fast. The days following were filled with excitement imagining all the…

An Alternative Reading

| Jon Bryars

Is this a time to be Les Miserables? I’ve just heard a pastor give a sociological appraisal of what he’s seeing during COVID-19. “Two groups have emerged”, he said, “the…

Don’t Waste Holy Week

| Jake LeFave

I don’t want to waste Holy Week. I don’t want this particular Sunday to Sunday to pass without any special consideration of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. I…

Prepared Hearts

| Matt Crocker

We will meet again. It’s only been a week and I already look forward to seeing the host team, smelling the fresh Matchstick coffee, hearing songs of praise from both…

Timely Lessons from Elijah and a Widow

| Paul Fast Sr.

The other morning as I was pondering the prevailing freeze in the world economy and where we, a company with eighty-five employees, will find ourselves in the coming months, I was prompted to take a deeper dive…

On Losing Your Job

| Leslie Lee

It was a punch to the stomach. I sat there in silence, staring at the floor. My Boss told me he was letting me go. I was terminated without cause.    Six months earlier I had received…

Three Fictional Reads for Self-Isolation

| Jake LeFave

I read a tweet the other day that said that self-isolation was the perfect time, not to binge Netflix, but to get some long-planned reading done. Further, stories have a…

Community and Isolation

| Brandt Vanroekel

Hello, Christ City, I send you warm salutations, while maintaining a generous social distance!     I wanted to write and remind you of the importance of maintaining community during this season. I…

Trust in the Lord

| Geoff Dittrich

A couple years ago our family was parked at the ferry terminal in Nanaimo, hoping to catch the next ferry back to Vancouver after a long weekend. It was a hot…

What is Fasting? and How should we fast?

| Brett Landry

For those of you new to fasting or those of you looking for some encouragement in your fasting, here are a few quotes and an attempt to answer two basic questions:…

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