Peter Jackson

I grew up in a Christian home, attending church on a regular basis. But it wasn’t until I was in my late teens and having a difficult time due to the multitude of sins I committed (envy, pride, telling lies and much more) that I accepted Christ as my savour. I was watching Bill Graham on TV and the Lord spoke to me. Bill Graham was talking about forgiveness of sins through Jesus death and resurrection on the cross. We are forgiven because He took all of our sins on himself. He is our mediator with God. If you believe in Jesus and repent of your sins you will be saved (forgiven and have eternal life with Him). (John 5:24) You can’t earn this forgiveness, it is a give from God. I knew that was what I needed, forgiveness and a right relationship with God. I got down on my knees, repented and asked Him into my life.

Life still has it’s difficulties. But now I go to the Lord with my problems and he provides support and encouragement. There have been times in my work life when I have been asked to lie to a client to keep the account. Before knowing the Lord, I probably would have mislead the client to keep my job. But through the grace and support of Christ I was able to say no. In a couple of cases it did cost me my job. But by the grace of God another one came along.

As time goes on, my relationship with Christ is get stronger. Each day I try and spend time in the word. Through reading and hearing the Bible, God speaks to me and shows me how to be more like Him. I still have a long way to go. But with His help and grace I am trying.


Kathy Jackson

I grew up in a Christian home, going to Church, participating in church school and choir.  It was in my teens when my faith grew stronger and I began to trust in Jesus and see that he had a place in my life.   I confessed my faith in Jesus in my late teens.  In my twenties, I wandered away from God for a time but came back to him in a time of need.  My mother was dying of cancer and this was a hard time for our family.  There were hard questions to think about.  Why is this happening to my mother?  What purpose can this possibly have?  Do I have eternal life? I remember helping my mother who was also wrestling with these questions.  Death is not the end for those who believe in Jesus.  Also, what I came to know is that you need to praise God for what you do have and not for what you wish you could have. (Ps34:1 I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth.) Thank him daily.  Life is very precious and can be gone in a heartbeat.  Never miss the opportunity to praise him.

My mother’s passing was a turning point in my life.  My relationship with Jesus has become stronger through daily bible reading, prayer and trying to live a life more like him.   Jesus is my rock and strength for my life’s journey.

God loves me even though I am a sinner.  God in his grace has forgiven me my sins through the death of Jesus on the cross and his resurrection.  This is amazing grace and love that Jesus would take my place on the cross.

I believe that my infant baptism was my parent’s confession of faith and now it’s time for me to publicly confess my faith in Jesus.


Eric Wynands

Baptism begins with a person. A person who has had their need made known to them. A person who has been shown what they are, that the person and life they have built and pursued is truly ugly, despicable, broken, corrupt and dead. A person who has been made aware that they need to be cleansed by more than water; but by fire and the Holy Spirit.

Under the water, the person is cut off. Cut off people, cut off from light, from warmth, from one’s own ability to hear or see. Submerging to the cold dark crypt, being baptized into the death of him who was cut off in my place, I will acknowledge that it is Jesus’ death that washes me clean, that frees me from slavery to sin. He is the way, the truth and the life, and there is no other.

Emerging from the water is an immediate contrast. People, light, warmth, sound and sight come flooding back. From the land of the dead to the land of the living. But not a return to the same life, a different life with different priorities and a different Lord.

I was raised as a Christian. I was baptized as an infant. I went to church with my family every Sunday. But I never understood what the Christian message was about. As I got older I established my own sense of identity and value based on what I was successful at, running and academics. In December 2017, I suffered a knee injury that had no quick road to recovery. One of the pillars of my pride had crumbled. In December 2018, in the beginning of my masters at UBC, what had seemed like a dream research project morphed into work I disliked and saw no purpose in. My basis for self-exaltation had failed. Bitterness and resentment grew daily over what I was doing, and I felt very isolated and alone. I became absolutely miserable.

Sunk in a pit of despair, without any sense of meaning or value in my life, feeling shattered and broken, I prayed. ‘God, I can’t do this anymore’. They were words of surrender. A few weeks later I happened to meet with Danielle, a classmate, about an assignment, and in that conversation my skeleton of a house of cards fell apart. More conversations followed leading me to realize that like the Israelites in the desert, I had been bitten, and that like the snake that Moses lifted up for the people to look to, I needed to look to Jesus.

Walking with Jesus has changed everything. My identity and value as God’s son is secure. I have a heavenly Father to trust, and to obey, an older brother who I can admire and who mediates on my behalf, and the Spirit inside me assuring and guiding me. I have a relationship with the God who made me and loves me, who is leading me in coming to know and love him, who I can come to in thanksgiving and in praise but also in repentance and confession. I have brothers and sisters across the world to accompany me in this new life. I can ground myself in the truth of the gospel each day and seek first his kingdom. I have direction, I have purpose, and I have the strongest motivation there is, the infinite love of Jesus.

Baptism is a proclamation of what is true internally. It’s not just that I should get baptized, or that I need to, but that it is right for me to do so. I have been made alive with Jesus, it is undeniable to me, and I want to demonstrate that to the world.

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