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Which home are you going to meet in?

Below is a list of House Churches that are being graciously hosted by members of Christ City.

If you are already a part of their Community Group, you have an open invite to join them this Sunday (They will be in touch). If you are not a member of a Community Group, please call or email one of the OPEN House Church leaders to find out where you might attend.


Christ City South Vancouver

OPEN: Dan and Allison Unger/Jon and Sarah Bryars, Champlain Heights, 10:00 A.M,  RSVP: 7787515106  

OPEN: Paul and Ruth Fast, Kerrisdale,  10:00 A.M, RSVP: pfast@fastepp.com  

OPEN: Thomas and Trilby Wiens, Killarney, 10:00 A.M, RSVP: 7788464362  

OPEN: Matthew and Jodie Crocker, West End, 10:00 A.M, RSVP: matt@christcitychurch.ca  

OPEN: Jose and Holly Figueroa, Kitsilano, 10:00 A.M, RSVP: holly@christcitychurch.ca  

OPEN: Blaine and Jessica Diggens, Steveston, 10:00 A.M, RSVP: 6047225849  

OPEN: Geoff and Brie Dittrich, Sunset, 10:00 A.M, RSVP: 7782887990

OPEN: Leslie and Yan Yan Lee, Kensington-Cedar Cottage, 10:00 A.M, RSVP: 7789942598

OPEN: Michael and Carmelle Dieleman, Ladner, 10:00 A.M, RSVP: 7788396453

FULL: Hans and Teresa Thiessen, Sunset

FULL: Paul and Daniella Fast, Sunset

FULL: Brett and Alison Landry, Marpole

FULL: Andreas and Liz Mannegren, Collingwood

FULL: Stan and Michelle Siebert/Simon and Vanessa Neufeld, Burnaby


Christ City Kitsilano

OPEN: Jonathan and Karen Ng, Kits Point, 9:45 A.M, RSVP: housechurch@karenjonathan.com

OPEN: Joyce and Doug Chrystal, Alma and 8th, 10:00 A.M, RSVP: Doug@christcitychurch.ca

FULL: Brandt and Heather Van Roekel,  Kitsilano

FULL: Rachel and Chris Duncan, Kitsilano

FULL: Matt and Kat Duncan, Fairview

FULL: Della and Doug Gough, Kerrisdale 


Christ City East Vancouver

OPEN: Heath and Mariko Meikle, Commercial Drive, 10:00 A.M, RSVP: heath@christcitychurch.ca

OPEN: Mike and Mel Fox, South Burnaby, 10:00 A.M, RSVP: fox.r.melissa@gmail.com or 6043159646

FULL: Jake and Maisie LeFave, Hastings/Sunrise

FULL: Josh and Chelsea Del Begio, Hastings/Sunrise

FULL: Joel and Becky Sczebel, Sunset

FULL: Jeremy and Daisy Browns,  Railtown

FULL: Ray Sun and Soo Sen Lee, North Burnaby


REMEMBER: If you are experiencing any signs of fever or sickness please stay home and self-isolate.

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