In light of COVID-19 and the restrictions we wish to honour regarding gathered groups, we are formally suspending physical gatherings until further notice. We are however NOT suspending Church because #wearechristcity


Our focus for this season will be on WORDCARE and PRAYER.



We want to encourage good, healthy habits while we are scattered across the city, isolated in our homes, and not in our regular rhythm of sitting under the instruction of God’s Word. As a church staff, we would love if you would join with us (virtually!) at 2 moments in the week:

Available every Sunday, we will be providing a short sermon video and an accompanying liturgy so that you can join with Christ City members across Vancouver in a shared weekly moment.

  • 2. Daily at 7:00 A.M. Find the latest episode on our new YouTube channel
  • Available each morning (excluding Sunday), we will be sharing a short devotional video as part of our NEW “Self-Isolation Series”, where we slowly go through a book of the bible together. We’ll be starting with the book of 1st Peter and the first episode will be live on Saturday morning.

In addition, we will be releasing more episodes of the Here Be Dragons Podcast, writing more blog posts , and running Zoom through the Bible classes every Wednesday



Care has been organized to find effective ways to love people who are affected emotionally, financially, physically and spiritually by COVID-19. Visit our Care page with details on how you can apply for help.

Also, visit our COVID-19 Assistance page where we have summarized some of the government programs on offer for those affected by COVID-19.

For any and all care questions, email


In addition to our regular rhythm of personal prayer, we are calling Christ City to make each Wednesday a day of fasting and prayer. As part of that day we will be hosting a corporate prayer meeting via Zoom, where we will be appealing to God for strength, grace and mercy amid the COVID-19 pandemic.



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